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Student Online Resources
Educational Links
 World Assembly of Muslim Youth: This is a great site for students to explore many aspects of Islam from the perspective of  young people.

 Computer Basics Lessons: Free online lessons in computer basics. Lessons includes working with windows, words,  numbers, presentations, and 

• Online Math Tutoring: Free online tutoring in algebra and geometry.

• Free Typing Tutor Online: This link offers a free typing tutor for students and adults. Test your typing skills and the number of words you can type per 
  minute. Then get started!

 ESL/EFL Online (Free lessons): This site offers free lessons for students learning English as a second language.

• Merriam-Webster Dictionary: This site hosts the Merriam-Webster online dictionary and thesaurus.

• The Awesome Library for Students: This site has quite an extensive list of study skill styles, problem solving,  reading and math skills, and   links to    related  sites.

• The Prophet's Farewell Address: This sermon was delivered on the 9th Day of Dhul Hijjah 10 A.H. in the 'Uranah valley of Mount 'Arafat (in Mecca).

• Islamic History: Do research and learn about the different periods during the history of Islamic civilization.

• High School Hub: This is an Online Learning Center for high school students. A must site for all high schoolers!

 National Geographic Online: Use this site for any research on nature, maps, globes, etc. It also has a homework help link.

• Ask Dr. Math: Having problems with math? Don't sweat it anymore, simply ask Dr. Math. A must site if you're having difficulties in math.

• Kids on the Web: Homework Tools: This is an excellent site for students needing assistance with homework.

The World of Math Online: Students can use this site for math homework help, practice exercises, online tutoring, use of calculators, and any other help 
  related to all levels of mathematics.

 Completing the FAFSA (Free Application for Student Aid): Students may use this site to apply for free financial aid.

 Homework Help: This site offers homework help in mostly all subjects for 6-12th grades students.

• Help For Physics Students: This site offers great help for students needing assistance in Physics and also for students looking to test and improve their   
  knowledge and skills.

• Worldbook Online Reference Center: This site offers students the opportunity to do online research using Worldbook Encyclopedia and other References.

How to Improve Your Memory and Study Skills: Excellent video on improving memory and study skills.​

History of the Earth
​African-American History 

Here are a few very important history links for all knowledge seekers. Special emphasis is given to linking sites that address African American history as well as historical challenges and accomplishments of African people.

 African This site is very excellent for research on African American heritage and culture. A must visit.

• African American History: This site provides many links and much information on contemporary African American history.

• African American History Timeline. This site offers  timeline of events in the history of African people since being brought to America as slaves.

Arab American History 

• Arab American National Museum

• Arab American History

Bangladesh History 

• The People's Republic of Bangladesh: 

• Historical Look at Bangladesh
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A Great site for Fun and Games!
Download E-Books on many Islamic topics.
Tutorial site for most subjects
Free tutorials in all subjects
An array of materials for elementary and middle school students
Access copies of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and more.
Virtual Labs featuring resources in Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy, Geology, Math, Physics, and Design.
Computer Basics tutorial has all of the basic concepts covered.
ALTAFSIR.COM is a completely free, non-profit website providing access to the largest and greatest online collection of Qur’anic Commentary
The Quranic Arabic Corpus, is an annotated linguistic resource which shows the Arabic grammar, syntax and morphology for each word in the Holy Quran.
Students, members of the community, and users worldwide will find information to assist with many writing projects.
A recorded version of EMS Communications' popular webinar. Co-founder Eliot Shapiro provides tips and tactics for enhancing your skills as a speaker.
See current cell phone policy for students.