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ATA's Kindergarten curriculum is based on the Michigan's Common Core standards, covering the core subjects of English Language Arts, including Phonics, Handwriting, Reading and Creative Writing; as well as Math, Science, Social Studies, and Physical Education. Islamic Studies, Arabic (phonics, vocabulary and conversation) and memorization of Quran are also taught on a daily basis.


ATA’s elementary school’s program encompasses grades 1-5. These are perhaps the most important grades in a child’s academic development. This is the time when students are building basic skills and foundational knowledge. It is also a time where students learn to play together, work together, and learn together. Also, students begin to learn socialization skills that will help them throughout the rest of their lives. Another important element of this period in our students’ lives is their moral and spiritual growth. This is fostered through our nurturing Islamic environment, which is extremely conducive to the building of their personality and character as a human being. 

Our core curriculum for elementary school is aligned with the State of Michigan’s Curriculum and Standards. The curriculum of the elementary program is comprised of the following courses:

  • Islamic Studies/Qur’an
  • Arabic
  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Health & Physical Education

Middle School Curriculum (Grades 6 - 8)

Our Middle School curriculum encompasses grades 6 - 8, and is also aligned with the State of Michigan’s Curriculum and Standards. At this level students also begin more in-depth study of Al-Islam, building upon the basic principles and practices learned in elementary school. It is at this level that students are given greater opportunity to put into practice basic life skills with religious understanding as a basis. 

Middle school students are engaged in many project based activities that encourages them to put theory into practice. Some classes are gender specific because of the nature of subject content.

Our core curriculum for our Middle school program is comprised of the following courses:

  • Qur'an/Islamic Studies

  • Arabic

  • Language Arts

  • Mathematics (General Mathematics & Pre-Algebra)

  • Science (Earth Science, Life Science & Physical Science)

  • Social Studies (Muslim World Geography, Michigan & US History & Civics)

  • Health & Physical Education

Our Arabic classes are separated into three levels.

  • Beginning
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Students are given placement tests to determine the appropriate level and are placed accordingly.

Islamic studies classes covers the following areas.

  • Qur’anic reading, interpretation, and memorization
  • Islamic Beliefs and Teachings
  • Islamic Life in America

High School Curriculum (Grades 9 - 12)

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The Michigan Curriculum Framework for K-12

Guidelines for Grading

Teachers must assign grades to most of the work each student does. At the early elementary level, the grades should be words of praise or correction along with the appropriate number or letter grade. Teachers need to tell students clearly the kind, and the weight of the grade that will be given when they give each assignment or test. All teachers will use achievement of learning objectives as the criterion, but they will also consider demonstrated effort, noticeable differences in ability, and commitment to the learning of other students. The following guidelines on grading apply for all teachers:

Report cards are issued to parents or guardians at the close of each marking period. Teachers of students who receive a failing grade must contact those students’ parents before report cards are issued.
Grades for the marking period must be reported to the office on grade sheets at the posted deadline and posted on the report cards and permanent records before parent-teacher conference.

For grades K-2, letter grades are interpreted as follows:

O=OutstandingS=SatisfactoryN=Needs Improvement

For grades 3-12, letter grades are interpreted as follows:

Grading Percentages

Class participation  - 25%Homework  - 25%Quizzes  - 25%Final Exams  – 25%
A    100
A-    95-99
B+   91-94
B     90
B-    85-89
C+    81-84
C      80
C-     75-79
D+    71-74
D      70
D-    65-69
E    61-64 (Failing)
F    60 and below (Failing)

Revelation Order of Qur'an
History of Revelation
Our High School curriculum is also aligned with the State of Michigan’s academic requirements as outlined in the Michigan Merit Curriculum. At this level students are not only required the most in-depth study of Al-Islam, but both theory and knowledge are put into practice through real life projects and demonstrations. Also, it is at this level that students are given greater opportunity to put into practice basic life skills with religious understanding as a basis. 

Some High School classes are also gender specific because of the nature of subject content.

See the chart below for our rigorous core curriculum and required credits for our High school program.

Extra-Curricular Activities and Events

  • Qur'an Recognition Day
  • Career Day
  • Cultural Awareness Day
  • Pink Hijab Day (Breast Cancer Awareness)
  • MIST Competition
  • Muslim Spelling Bee
  • Seerah Competition
  • Student Council
  • Debate Club
  • Yearbook Committee
  • Nasireen Club
  • Flag Football
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Adhan Competition